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Capstone Builders, Inc.

Home Renovations

Over the years your home may have changed faces a few times and that is to be expected. However, more than just a new coat of paint is sometimes required. When a home has outdated electrical systems, deteriorating foundations or insufficient weathered elements, it is time to renovate. A renovation can be as simple as replacing old windows with new energy-efficient windows or as complex as re-purposing and re-locating entire rooms within the floor plan

Whatever your home renovation needs may be, you can trust in Capstone Builders for quality and experience. Capstone even completed over 32 home renovations needed after the Katrina disaster in New Orleans - many of these homes were not just brought back to their original beauty but great new aesthetic and functional improvements were added for the home owners.

  • Experienced in all facets of home construction
  • Expert existing structure advisement
  • Offers competitive quotes and time estimates
  • Beautiful finishes and detail work
  • Will complete both big and small projects
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed
  • NOT a handyman service - Capstone is a licensed and insured contractor


Before breaking ground on your renovation, give us a call at 504-908-4838 or contact us with the details for your plans. We'll help you be sure that every detail is mastered.